It just might be a sunny day,

Or a rainfall, greatly needed,

Or a loaf of homemade bread,

Made from scratch, that mama kneaded,


It might be the sound of baby’s laughter,

Playing peek-a-boo with an older brother,

It could be children in a park,

Or a visit from your Dad and Mother;


It might be the smell of homemade soup

Gently cooking on a back burner,

Or sister singing the words to a song,

Over and over…for she’s a slow learner;


It might be a good book that you love,

And just don’t want to reach the ending,

It might be a letter from far away,

From a penpal you’ve befriended;
It’s all good medicine no matter what

Or when or how you spend your days,

Or how we treat our friends and neighbors,

GOOD MEDICINE can be a thousand ways.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted February 20, 2015

Updated July 27, 2018