“Don’t laugh” he said

and as soon as I saw it, I couldn’t help

but laugh.

“Don’t laugh1” he begged

“It’s not funny!”

and I smothered my laughter

behind my hands;

“Don’t laugh!” he cried

Adding “It’s my masterpiece!”

at which point I was falling down with giggles.

“Sorry Bro” I apologized,

wiping my eyes dry,

“But you have to admit,

It’s pretty funny!”

“I’ll never show you anything ever again” he muttered,

disgustedly. “You wouldn’t recognize true art if it bit

you on the butt!”

AHA–and yet I was the one who became an art critic

while my brother is a car salesman in Arkansas.


Sandra Lee Smith

January, 2015

Updated July 16, 2018