Where would you like to go? he asked,

Opening brochures, booklets and maps,

“Perhaps to Paris? to London? to Perth?

New York or Miami, or Dallas Fort Worth?”

“The world is your oysters” he said with a smile,

“I can book you a flight in just a short while!”

I thought about Scotland, New Zealand, and Spain–

And then I thought “why not travel by train ?”

I could fly to Alaska and then ride a train,

Five hundred miles and then back once again–

Perhaps I would go on the Orient Express–

Or wait! I always wanted to see Bangladesh!

I thought about Berlin, Zurich and Rome!

I’d see everything and never come home!

And what about countries like Finland and Greece?

Holland, Argentina, and at the very least,

Sweden and Norway, Finland and then–

Canada, before coming back home again.

The agent’s eyes had dollar signs shining,

The trips he would book, it was just like gold-mining,

but his face was crestfallen when he heard what I said;

I think I’ll stay home and just read my atlas in bed!”

Sandra Lee Smith

Originally written in June, 2009

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