Hoping someone who knows something will respond to this and give me some assistance.  I was absent for most of  a month and while I was unable to write, “someone” made a lot of changes to my blog. Now I can’t find any of my familiar places on which to post new material. I had 624 blog posts on sandyscookbookchatter.  PLEASE RESTORE MY blog to what it was before someone changed it.  I have never figured out an easy way to contact anyone at wordpress. and prior to THIS blog I had another that was all articles and material about collecting cookbooks.   I paid for an entire year on my blog and it hasn’t been a year yet.  help!!!  Sandra Lee Smith/sandyscookbookchatter.wordpress.com

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  1. I don’t know how most of these things work anymore and this is being brought to you via my wordPress account. if you have missed my posts, I apologize – but also, let me know so I have a starting point. – Sandra Lee Smith


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