What I won’t try again

It’s too late to change,

we said so long,

months, then years,

Have come and gone,

I’ve resigned my life,

to this, my fate,

I know for us

it’s far too late.

For those of us,

like you and I,

who let our chances

pass us by;

I won’t search

for you again;

I’m letting go

and hoping, then,

I’ll find some peace;

Not love, perhaps,

but time to let

what we had lapse.

the winds of change

are in the air;

I’m letting go–

It’s only fair;

It’s not that I

will swear off men,

but love is what

I won’t try again.

–Sandra Lee Smith

Posting 11/11/218

Previously posted December 26, 2009






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