For the most part,

I consider myself

an accepting kind of person,

with a general kind of philosophy,

Thanks to Doris Day that

“whatever will be, will be”

and that things most often

happen for the best.

That is not to say

that I am a Pollyanna,

for I am not,.

and what comes to mind

accepting what we don’t want to accept

is ten years ago this November,

being forced to move

away from the home that I had loved

so much, for so long;

I had to accept that

it wasn’t mine

and the owner was within her rights

to do as she chose

(despite her promises never to do

what she was now doing)

and so we moved

and I bought a house

near my youngest son and

his family,

and we are undoubtedly better off.

Still, late at night when I am alone

with my thoughts

I ponder accepting

what I did not want to accept

and wondered

when I will learn to accept it.



Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted

December, 2009

Updated October, 2018

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