In the twilight of my life,

real truths became revealed to me,

and knowledge came to me

through a  series of experiences;

I wondered why these truths were not

revealed to me sooner,

and the Great Mind of the Universe

made me realize that, before,

in the sunshine years of my  life,

My mind was not ready to receive;

However–now–perhaps, I was

prepared to learn and accept

that which we are all sent here to know,

but some, perhaps, choose not to learn,

Choose not to accept.

What should I do with this knowledge,

I wondered,

and the answer came to me;

I will know it when it is the right time.

In the twilight of the passing day ,

I look to the skies, seeking answers.


–Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted August 14, 2010

Updated October 15. 208

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