It was in  a little Chinese tea house in San Francisco,

Where she sat alone and enjoyed a tasty little feast

of Dim Sum and hot green tea served nicely,

to satisfy y the greatest of her hunger’s beast,

while scarlet paper lanterns swayed softly above her,

and a candle on the table flickered just enough to cast shadows on the walls;

The Chinese waiter brought a plate up to her,

On which lay a single fortune cookie, and intently

looked into her face and with a kind and gentle smile

said “Missy, break it open, take a lookie” 

She faltered for a moment, bleak and sadly ,

then she broke apart the crisp brown fortune cookie,

and slid out the slip of paper from within,

fearful, for she knew she knew she had no way to pay for

the pots of tea and the plates of food  she had eaten,

she had no way of knowing what she was in for;

She opened the message inside the fortune cookie,

and tears filled her eyes and ran down her face, as she

Read the message for it said “today your dinner from

this establishment is absolutely free”


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted July 25, 2009

Updated October 3, 2018

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