Whenever mama fries chicken till it’s crispy golden brown,

Or else she fries up pork chops and she makes the best in town;

There’s lots of little bits of things remaining in the grease,

And with it she adds flour until it makes a thinnish paste.

She stirs it and she browns it until it looks just right,

and then she adds in milk or cream until its nice and light,

With a wooden spoon she stirs it, for the longest time,

and watches while it thickens for she knows that it’s a sign,

Then she tastes it and she seasons it with pepper and some salt,

and says if this gravy ain’t just right, it won’t be mama’s fault;

But we have to have potatoes, mashed, and in a pool of butter,

And a great big pan of biscuits, all homemade by  my mother,

For if you’re going to have white gravy, that you eat with all that chicken,

You need gravy and potatoes to do a lot of finger lickin’!


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted June 13, 2010

Updated September 27, 2018

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