The sun is hot, the water cold,

and seeps through  your toes,

as waves break against the shore,

the sand sifts beneath your feet..

Something  small nibbles at your ankles,

or perhaps a strand of seaweed

brushes up against your feet;

in water this shallow,

you can see sand at the bottom

and know it’s not a shark

grabbing a bite of something to eat

for lunch.

The roar of the ocean echoes

in your ears

and a gust of wind blows across

the sandy beach,

blowing over umbrellas,

causing beachgoers to

dash after them.

Children squeal with delight

dashing into the water,

turning to rush back to shore

ahead of what looks like a giant wave.

A little boy stands by the water,

looking pensive;

What is he thinking? I wonder;

I look around for his parents,

deciding he belongs to the woman

sitting on a towel,

reading a book,

paying little attention

to the child–

then again,

maybe she’s not his mother.

Overhead seagulls chatter to each other,

making lazy circlers in the sky,

while tiny  sandpipers dash in and out of the water,

leaving miniature tracks in their wake.

farther out, surfers ride the waves

with inexhaustible energy,

while I watch, gradually,

the sun begins to descend

into the water.


Sandra Lee Smith

First composed March  2009

Remembering August, 2008



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