“We’re going up home”,

My mama said,

So pack some things together,

You’ll need a change of underwear,


and a sweater.”

and so I put some things together

with my toothbrush and some books,

My diary and my bar of soap,

(I care about my looks)

The drive up home took ever bit

of three hours or more,

to reach the upper peninsula

where grandpa had a store;

we loved our grandpa’s general store

He carried quite a lot;

many penny candies and

comic books and pop.

and when we stopped

at Shop-A-Lot

and swarmed into the store

Grandpa call out to ya’all watch out

He’d just waxed up the floor;

from Shop-A-Lot we headed north

To Grandpa’s big old farm,

He had cows and chickens, and horses too,

And a great big old red barn.

Mama fussed about the house

and fussed about the kitchen,

And when grandpa came home to eat

He just refused to listen:

You ought to sell the store,” she said

and this farm and all the rest,

You could come down home with us

to live; Really, Pa, it would be best”

But grandpa didn’t pay no mind and

he went about his ways,

He ran the store and every thing,

till the end of all his days

and when it came, my mama cried,

I knew her heart was sore,

she said that we should pack some things,

We’re going up home once more.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally written June 15, 2010

Updated September 8, 2018




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