One Christmas season at work, (perhaps in the late 1980s), someone gave a coworker and friend a tiny Christmas tree, in a little pot with a couple of inexpensive ornaments decorating the branches; she was about to throw I away when I asked if I could have it.  I took the little tree home and Bob planted it in the front yard.  We roughly planted, about the same time, a seedling that we got free from the L.A. County Fair.

The two pine trees began to grow..and grow…and grow*  Soon the branches towered high over the roof of the house.  I have no idea how tall those two trees were by the time we moved, but it is amusing to look through old photo albums and see the trees, as tiny trees, mere babies, but they grew up to be stately and impressive.  There was no way we could take those trees with us when we moved in 2008, without simply chopping them down.

I don’t believe in cutting down healthy trees  and think it should be outlawed.  I only hope and pray that someone else doesn’t come  along and cut down our beautiful trees.

*I read somewhere that pine trees are capable of growing two feet a year.

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