There are perhaps, a dozen or more

authors whose work I know and trust;

When I see a new book on the bookshelves

with a name I immediately recognize,  I don’t

I don’t hesitate–

I pluck it off the shelf and into my basket–

I don’t have to read anything about it on

its dust jacket–I know this author, I trust his or

her work. I know I won’t be disappointed.

“MY” authors are varied, some mystery, some suspense.

Some pioneer fiction, some biographies,

And surprisingly, you may not expect it,

some cookbook authors.

There are perhaps a dozen cookbook authors

whose work I collect–some are no longer alive

or no longer writing –but occasionally, I find something

I didn’t have, or didn’t know about and want

to complete my collection of this author’s work.

Even if, as happened recently, my “find” is an old

discontinued library book with decades of

cancelled date-stamps on the first pages

before it was “discontinued”

but it was one I didn’t have in this cookbook

author’s extensive writing career…so I bought it,

pleased to have it.

Sometimes it’s as much about the search as it is

the acquisition.


Sandra Lee Smith

First posted March, 2012

Updated September 6, 2018


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