What I remember most of all,

of everything back then,

Is you and me and cloudy skies

and walking in the rain;

It was September, Eighty-five,

I was your lover, then,

We didn’t care if we got wet,

While walking in the rain;

Our clothes and shoes were sopping wet,

I see it all again,

We stood together and we kissed,

That September in the rain.

Along the coast, the beach was bare,

except for you and me,

We watched the seagulls swooping,

and we marveled at the sea;

I can’t go to that seacoast town,

that I don’t recall,

Being there, just you and me,

One September, in the fall.

It’s September, once again,

I watch the falling rain,

Warm inside, I see it falling,

on my window pane.

I don’t know where you are today,

It’s been so long, since then,

I wonder, do you ever think

of walking in the rain?

Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted June 2, 2010

Updated September 2, 2018

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