In the tropical bush,

From the Amazon basin,

South to Brazil’s border

With Argentina,

Where the unruly march of civilization

Is reducing the forest,

Shrinking it day by day,

Grows the Pernambuco tree,

In perilous danger

Of being destroyed forever;

The wood of the Pernambuco

Used to make the finest bows

For the very best violins

Is considered by violinists

To be as equally important

As the violin itself.

Truly outstanding bows

Can only be fashioned

From the finest Pernambuco

Grown in the sprawling wilds

Of Brazil,

Woodlands rapidly disappearing.

When the forest is gone,

Will the finest music

Disappear as well?

  When there is no rain forest

And no habitat

For all the wild animals,

Or the proper environment for trees,

Such as the Pernambuco,

Will it spell the end of earth

as we know it?


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