When illness strikes

and shakes the very

core of your foundation,

Everything in life becomes

a discomforting sensation,

And trust is at the very heart

of everything you’ll do–

the doctors, nurses, tests they’ll run,

to try to see you through–

Earth’s angels, every one of them;

You trust them one and all–

and if and when you stumble,

They’ll catch you when you fall.

I saw the nurses tending   you–

we trusted every one —

could we have done it all another way?

I don’t know. Your race was done.

Sometimes I wish that I could say

or do something else for you–

But would you have trusted me, instead,

to see you through and through?

It takes so much to go against

the grain of all that is

accepted in this world of ours,

because some surely live.

You were like a comet in the sky

and for a while burned brightly,

But now your soul has gone away,

Though I search  for each you each night;

We had so much in life,

and It’s hard to let it go,

And I’m trusting you can see,

How I weep, and know

I cry for you, I cry for me–

for grandchildren who will grow

up–not knowing who you were,

except for what they can recall.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted March 4, 2012

Updated September 1, 2018


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