Whether Fahrenheit or Celsius

It’s all the same to me,

when the sun is baking hot

and much too warm to be

in the car or in your yard

You’ve got to have A/C

And there’s just a bit of shade

under wilting trees;

Only snakes and lizards seem

to thrive in the desert heat,

And children beg for popsicles

for their daily treat;

We long for rain and wind and cold

and soon enough, it’s here,

Torrential rains that flood the streets,

and its mudslides that we fear.

The desert winds are bitter cold

and chill one to the bone,

and out come scarves and mittens and

a heavy coat  that’s warm;

From cupboards come the blankets and

the quilts and heating pads,

to keep the children snug and warm

While your mothers have your dads;

Or perhaps a cat or two

that nestle by your feet,

(or a small warm puppy dog,

whose warm coat can’t be beat)

Whatever it may be, I guess,

the desert is extreme,

From roasting hot to icy cold

and not much in between!

Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted July 22, 2010

Updated on a hot September 2nd, 2018


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