She had issues with trust, it was plain to see,

She double-checked everything, sometimes two, sometimes three,

She said that she loved him, but didn’t trust him, he knew,

and it would be about trust, when they were through,

She searched through his car, for any small thing,

to prove him unfaithful, what would evidence bring?

Spying and searching, his mail and computer,

Suspecting the worst, for that is what suit her,

She followed him daily if she wasn’t with him,

She knew she must be ever-diligent, grim.

And when it was over, it shocked him no end,

to learn she’d been cheating, with his best friend.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted March 19, 2012,

Updated September 1, 2018


Sandy’s footnote:  the moral of this story is, when someone accuses you falsely of cheating, it’s often because they themselves are cheating.

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