I’m happy to say,

I’m pleased as punch,

but couldn’t venture to guess

even why

we even say

we’re pleased as punch

It doesn’t make sense but I’ll try;

So I logged onto Google to

ask what it means,

and discovered the answer, you know,

Back in old England, Over the Pond,

and the famed puppet, Punch & Judy show.

Who could have guessed it’s a saying that’s old,

dating back hundreds of years?

Coined by a nasty old marionette

Who left his poor Judy in tears?

And there you have it, the reason we say,

“pleased as punch” in all of its glory —

and now in the words of Paul Harvey, you know

that this is the rest of the story!


Sandra Lee Smith

originally posted March 29, 2009

Updated September 1, 2018

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