I went to the Secret Garden, today,

I sat down inside, intending to pray,

As I looked again at each post and each beam,

I thought how it was your personal dream–

You had a vision, under old olive trees,

and laid down the bricks, midst jasmine and bees,

Up went the posts and slats on the top,

Lattice for siding, and you couldn’t stop–

On top went a dragon, a fine weathervane,

Inside you hung wind chimes to drive us insane,

but no, there’s a table and chairs set for two,

a fine secret garden built for me and for you;

Can you see? Can you hear? I cry from inside,

They think I am coping but that is a lie,

But here stands the garden, created by you,

Only one sits inside, the garden for two.


Sandra Lee Smith

originally posted February, 2012

Updated August 30, 2018

Sandra’s footnote:  The most remarkable thing about the secret garden is that Bob took it completely apart before we moved to the desert in 2008. In 2010, he chose a spot in our new back yard and re-created the structure, but making it about a foot larger all around.  There was never a pattern or a blue print for our secret garden, which is a deliberate misnomer–there was never anything secret about it–sitting out in the open. If his spirit is haunting anyplace, it would be inside the secret garden. – sls

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