Do you remember a day in K-Mart,

When you went to park the car,

I waited for you, right inside,

I wasn’t very far,

but in you came,  your head down low,

and never looked my way–

I called out to you, once then twice-

ROBERT!” I would say–

that happened to us more than once,

and now it’s happened twice

When I’ve been dreaming dreams of you –

It wasn’t very nice!

But then, I think, perhaps you are

Unaware that I am near,

Like in that crowded Kmart store,,

You do not see or hear.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted February 25, 2012 as UNTITLED

Updated August 29, 2018 renamed A DAY AT K-MART

SAndra’s Footnote–this was a true experience that happened years ago when we lived in the San Fernando valley and often shopped at a K-Mart store nearby.

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