I said to God

“I want another child, God,

this one you gave me

is growing up

and isn’t a little girl anymore”.

I said to God

“God, I need another child”.

I didn’t take into


that a surgery had made

this all but


unless we adopted.

And then the love

of my life

the father of my daughter,

my partner,

went away

for a while

and when he returned

he confessed his sin;

he had loved another

and had given her

the son

that was to be mine.

And now I am holding

this boy in my arms,

and I love him dearly,

as he loves me,

and calls me “Mimi

and I said to God

“God, I guess I wasn’t

clear enough

about the way

this son should come

into my life”.

And God said to me

You are a mother

and I have given you

a son,

Just as I

gave my son

to the world.

Love him.”


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted April, 2008

Updated August 30, 2018

Sandy’s footnote: True story.


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