We left behind

Mulberry, fig, olive,

Orange, tangerine, nectarine,

Kumquat, walnut, lemon,

apple, avocado,

pomegranate, peach,

macadamia nut,

and loquat,

All growing in our yard;

Also left behind,

the Jacarandas and Magnolias,

that bloom in spring

along with

various bright shades of crape myrtle

lining the streets with brilliant

patchworks of color.

We have come to a place

Where the most common

are Joshua and Yucca trees,

Gnarly and bent

and prickly with thorns,

Reminders that

the desert is

a hostile environment.

But in our own back yard

in our new home,

there is a tall and stately mulberry tree,

another kind of reminder

that even some things grow

in the high desert,

Challenging us

to discover for ourselves

what will grow, here,

and what will not.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally written in 2009 under the title of “Trees”

Updated August 28, 2016

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