At the beginning of day, the sun comes up

in the east, behind a red barn,

And when it has cleared

The neighbor’s barn and those hills,

It casts light on the Secret Garden;

I can see flocks of birds rushing to feed

On the seed I have spread out back for them;

they chirp and announce to one another

Of the feast that is waiting for them.

The beginning of day is my favorite time,

The smell of fresh coffee is perking,

Cheerfully, the DJ announces the weather,

In between easy-listening music;

I feed Cleo the cat and Jackie the dog,

Then make up my bed and wonder

just what might this sunny day bring–

No sign of rain, snow, or thunder —

I am surprised to find an iris in bloom

outside my bedroom window;

They’re a little too early,

I think to myself,

even though the sight of one

Fills me with wonder;

It’s almost four months

since you went away,

Passage of time makes it easy;

I note the rustle of leaves in the trees

And say to myself, “Is that you, Bob, being breezy?”

Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted January 20, 2012

Updated August 28, 2018


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