I went to Las Vegas,

To have a good time,

I had a hundred in quarters.

To cast out a line;

I’d saved all that money

From waiting on tables,

I headed for Vegas

When I was able;

I began feeding quarters

Into the slots,

As fast as you feed it,

It takes what you’ve got,

But sure enough,

I knew I would win,

Then I hit the jackpot,

And the money poured in;

Beginner’s luck!” an ancient old crone

Next to me began to bellow and moan,

Disregarding my luck,

and wanting her own!

I scooped up my money

and loving my winnings,

I got up and left and

that old crone grabbed my slot machine!


Sandra Lee Smith

originally posted January, 2012

Updated August 26, 2018

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