In downtown Salem, Oregon, there is a unique present-day carousel,

at which volunteers are constantly working on and building

new animals for the carousel;

The latest achievement was an elephant for the carousel;

When I visited my girlfriend, Bev, in 2012, we visited Salem’s Riverfront

Carousel and made purchases at the unique gift shop.

I am fascinated with wood; presently many of my pieces of furniture were

made of oak.

Things I loved and lost were a pecan headboard and white painted

wooden knick knack shelves that girlfriend Rosalia had given to me.  My

ex left those things in Florida, (on our return to California,) claiming he

didn’t have enough room for all

my things. Also lost was a corner hutch that I bought years ago and dearly

loved. Some things cannot be replaced.

On the other hand, I have a wooden handled knife that had been my

Grandma Schmidt’s–my sister Becky gave it to me before she died.

In Salem, Bev &  I rode on the carousel;  we had extra ride tickets left over

and gave them to a mother and two children – they were delighted.   Once

was enough for a couple of grandmothers.


Sandra Lee Smith

originally posted January 29, 2015

Updated August 24, 2018



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