“There’s SNOW!” he cried, gazing out of the window,

As lazy snow flakes began to swirl and fall,

He wanted to go out to play in it–

I saw no reason to refuse–no reason at all;

And out of the hall closet I dragged

Boots, snowsuit, mittens and cap;

On went a second pair of socks

and then the snowsuit, after that.

Followed by rubber boots, one size too large,

and then mittens and a nice wooly cap.

I opened the door—

And what did we see?

The sun had melted every trace of snow;

To the crestfallen face I suggested hot cocoa,

For him to have while mom had some tea.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted January 1, 2015

Updated August 24, 2018


Sandy’s footnote: we have only had snow once since moving to  the high desert and that was in 2009–we had 12 inches of snow throughout the day–my grandkids built snowmen; the Antelope Valley was “snowed in”  for about one day; by the second day it was gone–inspiration for “Suitably Warm” – sls


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