Some people call them “canapes

And some say “appetizers

But a  little bit is a lot

Make these tidbits little misers;

While the elite watch what they eat,

To avoid too many curves,

And at a party they eat hearty

Passing hot hors d’oeuvres;

Call them tidbits, spreads or dunks

–Pates, wraps or fondues,

Party starters everywhere;

Can be just whatever you choose.

They might be nachos, finger foods,

Bruschetta or Zakuski,

Nice to have at cocktail time

With white wine or some brewsky;

They’re party starters everywhere.

And something you should try;

Sushi Bites will sure delight,

I bet they make you sigh;

Those folks down  South

Say “shut my mouth!”

And to avoid a spat,

They just point to the party tray

And say “I’ll have some of that!”

Tapas are snacks or finger foods,

Quite famous throughout Spain,

They vary much from town to town,

You won’t go home again!

They may be cold (olives, cheese)

or warm (such as Chopitos),

They may be battered baby squid,

That you can eat with Fritoes!

In Central America, such snacks are more

simply known as bocas;

That’s because the natives there

Don’t want you to lose your focus;

The Japanese like uncooked fish,

That the locals call Sashimi

(It may not be to my taste

but others think it’s dreamy!)

Tiny puffs stuffed with shrimp,

Egplant Shigiyaki,

When your mouth is full,

Don’t try to much to talky)

The Chinese call it “Leng Pan”

While the Japanese say its “Zensai”

Everywhere throughout the world,

Small canapes to try,

Chips and Dips and party fare,

The hors d’oeuvre tray is yummy,

But a little or a lot,

leave some room in your tummy–

Dinner’s coming

take your drink

and waddle to the table;

I think they’re having prime rib roast

to eat when you are able!


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted January 12, 2012

Updated August 22, 2018



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