“Welcome to this home” I felt it said,

As my Northside friends and I descended

Upon Jack’s house where he lived with

his mother and sister;

The house was an old Victorian

with a back staircase and front, and

many curious doors and windows that

did not lead anywhere.

The girls slept on the second floor

while the boys were on t he third

and never did the two mix!

We were such innnocents!

At midnight we scrambled down the backstairs

where Jack made grilled cheese sandwiches

for all of us.

It was perhaps the most innocent

and pleasant times in my life.

If we slept over on a Saturday night,

We all got up on Sunday and

went to church together.

What can I tell you?

It was the Fifties.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted April 1, 2009
Updated August 17, 2018


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