Love gets a lot of use–

I love your shoes, your dress,

I love the way you flip your hair,

I’d love to get some rest;

I love ice cream, cake and pie,

I love my dogs and cats,

Don’t you just love how I wear

This silly knitted hat?

I love Christmas,

Halloween, oh any holiday!

I love Revlon extra sheen

to cover up my gray!

I love Country Western songs,

and Willie is my fav,

I love chocolate, any kind,

and Dutch cocoa which I crave!

I love coffee, I love tea,

and sexy underwear,

I love gift cards most of all,

(it lets them know you care).

I love a cozy fireplace

when the night is cold,

I love traveling anywhere,

and silver more than gold.

I love to cook; I love to bake

(But sewing’s not my thing)

I think puppy love is cute,

but true love makes me sing–

I love romance and Cary Grant

was so debonair;

I love watching his old films,

Romantic love affairs….

I love butterflies in spring,

and Jasmine when in bloom,

I love reading and my books,

that fill up every room*

I love writing poetry,

it sharpens up my wit,

And a cushion on my chair,

to ease me while I sit.

I love mountains capped with snow,

It’s such a regal sight,

I love old barns and most of all,

I love a starry night!

I love the ocean and the view

of rocks along the coast,

My sons, their wives,

my grandchildren–

You know I love them most!

I love a lighthouse anywhere,

(my sister loved them too)

And we sometimes wondered where

from whence this passion grew!

I dearly love old photographs

in striking black and white,

and when I’m feeling overworked

I’d love to have a wife!

I love L.A. living

and cheery smiling faces,

Walking all along the shore,

where footsteps leave no traces;

I love dollhouses, little things,

with tiny doll house rooms,

while tiny lights go off and on,

So shadows never loom.

I’ve love to win the lottery

(but never buy a ticket)

That seems like such a pity, or

just a sticky-wicket.

I love life. I love it all.

the sun, the moon, the earth–

I love that I’m American,

the land that gave me birth.

*except the kitchen. no books there!

Sandy’s final note: You may have noticed

that’s there’s not a single word of “like”

anywhere within this poem –

I did it out of spite!


Sandra Lee Smith

originally posted April, 2008

Updated August 17, 2018


2 thoughts on “LOVE

    1. thanks, Diane. I am enjoying your blog as well….any special plans for cookie making this season? its what I do most in the year, always on the lookout for new (easy) cookie recipes. thanks, Sandy


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