if you have ever been

on the outside looking in

You recognize the lonely isolation,

With ever aching heart

You know you aren’t a part

And it only leads to sorrow and frustration.


From the outside looking in,

You feel your future’s very dim,

You’ll never be a part of the elite,

You will never be allowed

to join in with the “Inside crowd”

From outside you see inside looking sweet.


It takes a lot of years

to brush away your fears,

To stand tall and become “the One you are;

And you learn that all those lessons

were a special kind of blessing,

The kind that always helps a soul go far.


You recognize in others–

They’re your sisters and y our brothers,

There’s no outside, there’s no inside–

We’re all one–

The barriers are broken

and its done with words unspoken,

It’s as it should be

when the day is done.


Sandra Lee Smith

originally posted March 1, 2010

Updated August 17, 2018



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