when we were children, playing board games was mostly restricted to rainy summer days.  The game of Candyland could be bought for $1.00 at the 5&10 cent stores and we always seemed to have a game of Monopoly, which –on a rainy summer afternoon–could be played on our front porch or Patti’s front porch–and could go on throughout the entire day. I think we made up our own additional money when the bank ran out.

One time I found several board games in the trashcans in the alley behind a  house on Pulte Street–all the pieces were there; it was unfathomable why anyone would discard a perfectly good board game.  As I recall, one of the games I found was SORRY and another was PARCHEESI. (In retrospect I think the games probably belonged to the children of the Finke family whose parents owned a Mom & Pop grocery store at the corner of Pulte and Beekman streets–no doubt their children had outgrown those games. That was a glorious find–like finding treasure!)

Other games children played back in the day were Checkers and Chinese Checkers, which was played with marbles.

Sunny days were seldom wasted playing board games.  One game I made up for my two younger brothers was something I called RESTAURANT. I would look over   the leftovers in the frig and then make up a menu.  My two younger brothers would then choose their lunchtime meal and I imagine my mother was satisfied, getting rid of leftovers. (Thinking back, I can’t imagine us ever having any leftovers–my mother didn’t cook more than what was needed for five children and two adults–STILL, there were those leftovers which I am willing to bet my brothers  Biff & Bill still remember. (No leftovers, no game of RESTAURANT).



Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted February 18, 2015

Updated August 16, 2018

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