You know, of course,

that we are all under pressure,

more often than not

with deadlines to meet,

Windows to clean,

carpeting to have shampooed,

Doctor appointments to keep,

Children to shuttle to or from school,

Holidays approaching,

Yikes! Time to start mixing dough

for Christmas cookies!

Time to think about addressing cards

and buying gifts to hide in closets!

We are always under pressure

To get this or that finished

When, in the great scheme of things

What does it really matter

if all the photos are mounted in an album

Before the end of the year

OR–if we make twenty dozen cookies

or two?

Aren’t we retired?
Shouldn’t we be enjoying ourselves more?

I think the only thing

I want to see under pressure

is a Tri Tip roast in

my pressure cooker.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted September 12, 2010

Updated August  12, 2018

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