“I thirst!” Jesus cried from the cross,

while thirst proved the undoing of many American pioneers

crossing the plains and desert, where there were no rivers

to provide water for themselves and their livestock;

Our bodies, seventy percent water, are in constant need

of replenishment.

But we can thirst in other ways as well;

A never-ending thirst for knowledge,

A constant thirst to learn;

There is thirst for love and companionship

and for some, the thirst for power or fame.

Here in the Desert, it is amazing how quickly

dry plots of land respond to rain or watering.

When watering the front lawn

dozens of birds cluster around

hoping for a drink or to fluff their feathers

in the sprinklers;

Water: the most essential element to human beings,

From lakes and rivers, creeks and streams to our oceans.

Thirst: we were born with it and the need to satisfy that yearning.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted October 6, 2009,

Updated August 12, 2018

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