Along the path to the Secret Garden were carefully laid stepping

stones, laid by Grandpa Bob, so that even if the grass were wet,

you could reach the secret garden without getting your feet wet

or–in my case so often–without getting my bedroom slippers wet.

Grandpa Bob sat in the secret garden in the early morning hours,

drinking coffee and reading the newspaper as he surveyed his

domain, observing with pleasure the stepping stones he had so

meticulously laid down and across the lawn, the rambling way the

Honeysuckle and Star Jasmine had climbed the wooden slats of

the Secret Garden and covered the roof of the structure. Plants and

flowers were everywhere; All roads–or in this case–all stepping

stones  Led to the Secret Garden.

The Secret Garden was taken apart and all the Stepping Stones and

bricks lifted and transported to a new place.  Now we were waiting for

these familiar pieces to a former life to be reconstructed, so that the

Stepping Stones will once again lead to a Secret Garden.

The fairies, gnomes and elves are waiting, as impatiently as I.

Sandy’s note:  The Secret Garden was rebuilt in 2010, one of four projects Grandpa Bob managed to complete in 2010; in 2011 he passed away from cancer of the esophagus.

Sandra Lee Smith

original posted June 15, 2009

Updated August 8, 2018


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