How often have you stopped and thought

what glamorous lives they lead,

Those movie stars and celebrities,

With everything they want or need!

Not for them the clipping coupons,

Struggling daily to make ends meet,

Standing in lines in supermarkets,

With the ninety-nine-cent-store elite;

Those famous people, singers, dancers,

Country stars in Tennessee,

Famous folk in Hollywood,

Living the life I want for me.

They live in mansions in the hills,

Dine on steak cooked by their chefs,

While you and I fry ground beef patties,

And cook hamburger helper with what’s left;

They have a chauffeur while I drive a car,

Mine, maybe, has seen better days;

They have a gardener while I’m pulling weeds,

Deciding what goes or what stays;

I’ve often wondered how it would be

to live a life of luxury,

to live a life on the other side,

Rich and famous filled with pride,

And then a famous face appears

In the tabloids, she’s in tears;

Seems her husband wrecked her life

And has a secret second wife;

Everything they say or do

the tabloids surely catch it all,

While in the privacy of my home

I watch the elite take the fall;

And then somebody says to me

“Your life seems like it’s the best,

I wish I had a life like yours”

I’m nonplussed, I must confess–

Someone wants a life like mine?

I see it now in kings and aces!

Life is just a wishing game,

of wanting to trade places!

Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted Marcy 31, 2010

updated August 5, 2018

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