We thought how nice it would be

to have a cow and fresh milk

and maybe even a baby calf someday,

So when a farmer in the next town over

Advertised a cow named Mabel for sale

for  $100, we thought that sounded

good to us and so we arranged to have

the farmer deliver Mabel for only an

additional $25 and he helped us get her

into the barn.  We waited every day for

Mabel to give us milk but try as we

m ight, Mabel did not produce a drop

of milk. After several weeks, I contacted

the farmer to complain and after a long

silence he said, “Lady, Mabel is a dry cow.

She has never been bred or had a calf

so she doesn’t produce milk”

“Well,” I responded, “How do I GET her

bred?” and the farmer chuckled and

said “for THAT you need the services

of a bull”

To which I asked, “Well, how much does

THAT cost?”

and the farmer chuckled again and said

“The services of Napoleon, my best bull,

is $500”

and that’s no bull.

We decided to keep Mabel for a pet–she

has lovely brown eyes.

And we continue to buy our milk at

the supermarket.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted June 17, 2009,

Updated August 5, 2018

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