They came from the heavens

and quietly landed on the earth,

in a large meadow where

we generally took the sheep

and left them for the day

to forage for themselves;

It was a clear day, much like this one,

when the large ship came down from

the sky and landed in our meadow.

“Look at that!” my brother whispered

Stay down!” I whispered back

for I was very much afraid.

do not be afraid!” I heard a voice

commanding me, but looking around,

I saw no one other than my brother

and his eyes were focused on the

strange craft now resting on our

meadowland. “we mean you no harm”

I heard the voice again but doubted

the sincerity in the voice–it made me

even more frightened, like when my

father says ‘this isn’t going to hurt

and then it does.

Raul” I whispered “We have to run

and run fast–don’t look behind you!

Just RUN!” and the two of us got

to our feet and ran, back the way

we came and we didn’t stop or

look back.  When we told father about

the strange ship in the meadow, he

did not believe us but he accompanied

us back there.  True enough, the strange

ship was gone but when father counted

our sheep, three were missing.

You lost the sheep!” father accused me.

No, father, I replied. “That ship must have

taken our sheep” and we walked to

the center of the meadow where, true

enough, the grasses were flattened and

somewhat scorched.

“HUH!” father exclaimed. He didn’t know

what to make of it. My brother and I

never went to the meadow alone again

but the strange ship from the sky never

returned and we never found a  trace of

our three missing sheep.

All my life I wondered about that strange

craft and the mysterious voice inside my

head–which my brother didn’t hear!

–and I wondered, too, if we had

not run away, would we, too, have

disappeared with father’s sheep.

After time passed, my brother decided

we had imagined the whole thing.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted August 13, 2010

Updated August 2, 2018

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