They came in a cloud

That was surrounded by light;

They landed on earth

In the darkness of night;

We thought they were gods,

They came from a star,

We couldn’t imagine

Who or what that they were;

But they came bearing gifts

and they met with our kings

and surprised them with feats

and displayed wondrous things;

They had rods of magic

and provided great treats,

We gasped with great wonder

and bowed at their feet;

They wished to create

signs that would show

the way to return

when they should go;

they bred with our maidens

How, no one could know,

but they produced brilliant men

so this planet would grow;

They witnessed earth’s growth

and they watched from afar

and perhaps, disillusioned,

they returned to their star.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted August 9, 2010

Updated August 1, 2018

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