There was a man

Who had a clan

Of seven pretty daughters;

It was his wish

To serve this dish

To seven wealthy suitors;

They had no ma,

T’was just their pa,

And he quite the browbeater–

He’d had  a wife,

But what a life!

He found he couldn’t keep her!

He thought he’d be

A fine and free

Patriarch of the family,

He didn’t see

That there could be

Some problems with his thinking;

One by one,

His plans undone,

As each girl found a lover,

and none would be

Rich and free,

as soon he would discover;

To one a farmer,

Quite the charmer,

Came forth upon a mission,

The eldest sis

In utter bliss,

Ran off without permission!

That left six,

their pa betwixt

And worried to the core,

When another

Found a lover

working at the butcher store;

Now there’s five

Well, sakes alive,

These weren’t apologists,

But then the youngest

Got a fungus

and wed her dermatologist;

That left four

Their father swore

that they would marry wealth

Until that summer

came a drummer

and another left with stealth;

Now there’s three,

Well, glory be!

They’d be some rich man’s prize!

But number three

Went off to see

the circus in disguise!

Now here’s two;

Their pa was blue;

His fine plans lost all meaning;

But one he’ll keep

and not lose sleep

To cook and do the cleaning–

That left just one

and since no son

Was There for him to lean on,

He sent her out to keep

and tend their sheep,

And she became a brave one–

She worked the farm,

it was a charm,

As artists came to see her,

And all around

throughout the town

Women longed to be her

In fields she posed

For heaven knows,

T’was sometimes nude or dressed

She was well paid

and then one day

She married one–and left;

The girl at home

Who did not roam

Who cooked and did the cleaning,

Wrote poetry

that none would see

and asked if life had meaning;

Her pa, bereft,

had nothing left

No wealth to give him pride,

and so one day

He slipped away,

and quietly he died;

That left just one

and then one morn

a neighbor came to see her

To her he said

Let us get wed

and put our farms together;

and so they matched

between them hatched

the greatest farm around–

They grew quite rich

Without a hitch

While pa laid in the ground

the sisters came

to lay a claim,

demanding for a share,

The neighbor said

His voice like lead,

Not one of you had cared;

He chased them off

a broom aloft

And his wife was free,

That sweet girl said

As she sliced bread,

“Shall I make some tea?”


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally composted April 19, 2010

Updated July 30, 2018



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