In beating hearts of mice and men,

of creatures large and small,

The spirit of humanity

may be the  greatest gift of all,


The human spirit, ever caring,

Leads all other beings along,

As Noah led them two by two,

So do we care with right from wrong;


But when a dark soul without conscience,

Abuses life randomly without cease,

justifies the killing of God’s creatures,

Not differencing man from beast;

It makes no difference, man or beast,

When standing at the pearly gates,

Who Saint Peter beckons forward,

What anguish cries those dark souls make.


The Sixth commandment God gave Moses

“Thou shalt not kill”–and naught was said

whether creatures great or small

by man’s hand should ever end up dead.


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted February 27, 2015]

Updated July 31, 2018

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