for Bill, on your birthday

They were always digging for treasure,

My two younger brothers,

They dug for treasure in our back yard

and in grandma’s back  yard;

sometimes they dug for treasure

in the woods up the street,

sometimes they found something —

anything that made the digging worth while,

It might be a little toy car, paint rusted away,

Or it might be a horse shoe (good treasure!)

It could be almost anything

and rarely was ever cold hard cash.

You never knew what you might

(or might not) find buried in the ground;

They speculated on what treasure

pirates might have left behind

long, long, ago,

Never mind that we were hundreds of miles

away from any ocean.

Digging for treasure

was more about the search

not necessarily the find.

Sandra Lee Smith

originally posted February 15 2015

Updated July 27, 2018



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