He thought that he was a punk rocker,

This peculiar child of mine,

who defied all that I taught him,

marching to a drummer out of time;

“Don’t waste your time over this one”

teachers and counselors said to me,

“He’s going to do just what he wants”

I tried my  best to be set free;

He’d call at midnight, needing bail,

and would I post it for his girlfriend, too?

He’d steal me blind if I wasn’t home,

I told him often that I was through,

Yet out of the blue they reached the top,

Weird punk rockers on a late night show,

This child of mine leered at the camera

and told us all where we could go;

They’d done it all just by being themselves 

No one ever gave them a hand”

and that’s the story of a child of mine

and how he formed a punk rock band.

Of course, when you find yourself at the top

There’s no where to go but down,

Last I heard he was in a circus,

Playing the role of a circus clown.


Sandra Lee Smith

composted April, 2015

Updated July, 2 018


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