She glides onto the ice,

and stands poised in her position,

Waiting for the music to begin;

the crowd lets out a roar,

They’ve seen her skate before

and everyone hopes that this will be

her biggest win.

She dances on the ice, Double Axel,

Camel Spin, a Salchow jump and

Lutz for extra measure,

She does a layback spin, she twirls

and leaps and flips;

The crowd cheers and claps

just to show their pleasure.

She twists and springs so high

It seems like she can fly,

Like a butterfly, defying gravity,

Her smiling face, serene,

She is living her own dream

and doing it all for the world to see.

It all comes down to this–

Four minutes of sheer bliss,

and when the music reaches its crescendo

the audience is cheering,

Her joyful face endearing,

Olympic gold makes a very fine memento!

Sandra Lee Smith

first written February, 2010. updated 7/23/18

SANDY’S NOTES: THE SKATER in this poem is Michelle Kwan, whose career I began to

follow when she was something like 14 years old and film clips from those first years are a delight to see–there was this tiny, smiling,  pixie defying gravity on the ice…she lived in Torrance, California, not very far from where I lived at the time, so I had to follow her career. She is now retired from ice skating. I had no interest in figure ice skating until Michelle came along and then I was watching all of the figure skaters through those years. (sigh–I think those were the best years for both male and female figure skaters). -sls



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