In our front yard on Arleta Avenue, we grew a large

and wonderfully healthy rosemary bush; prior to

purchasing a rosemary bush in a planter, my acquaintance

with rosemary was chiefly of the dried kind.

Fresh rosemary, clipped from the bush when I wanted to

make lemon rosemary roast chicken was a delightful

experience. The lemons grew on trees in the back

yard, in addition to three lemon trees that were already

growing there when we moved into the house in 1989.

We added a Myer dwarf lemon tree to the mix.  I never

ran out of rosemary or lemons.

It was one of the gifts of the Arleta house, where oranges,
macadamia nuts, tangerines, grapes, nectarines, kumquats,

figs, avocadoes and olives grew in great abundance.

But  out of all the trees that grew on a half-acre plot of

land, I think I miss the rosemary the most.

Rosemary is for remembrance.

“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance, pray you love,

remember–Shakespeare, “Hamlet”


Sandra Lee Smith

Originally composed January 23, 2015

Updated July 16, 2018


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