It’s time to wake up–and smell the coffee

Or wake up and smell the roses;

It’s time to take stock of your life,

and see where it’s going to go….

“Where do you want to be” a teacher in a

preschool program I was enrolled in once asked “in five years–

or ten years or twenty?”

We wrote it all down in a little notebook,

making our lists and there were plenty.

“How old will your children be?” the teacher then asked,

“ten years from now?  And where will you be?”

We gave it much thought and wrote it all down.

Just for ourselves, that no one else could see.

My two youngest children were toddlers back then;

I knew there wouldn’t be any more babies;

It was the mid seventies–what would I do?

A dream job fell into my lap.

And so I worked for twenty seven years

Amongst people who became my dear friends;

I retired at the very end of December, 2002,

but it wasn’t the end.

Now my children are grown and happily married

and have blessed me with some grandchildren too;

In 2008 I bought a home of my own–never imagining

it was possible – until it was.

The rosebushes keep me from feeling blue.

Sandra Lee Smith

January 2015 updated July 15, 2018

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