My glasses, my pen, the book I was reading,

My notebook, my water, the seeds for reseeding,

My camera, my checkbook, it’s almost intriguing–

how things disappear, my searches misleading…

I swear it was here just a minute ago,

Where it has gone, I simply don’t know,

I find I’m obsessed–my angst simply grows

while searching, I’m pacing and going to and fro –

I can’t do a thing until I find what is missing–

Is it gnomes? Is it Brownies? Is it elves that are hissing?

Is it goblins or sprites or trolls that are whisking

My treasures away–in exchange they want kissing–

Not me! I declare, I won’t kiss a troll

Or a sprite or an elf or a gnome, it’s my goal

to just kiss a prince or else fall in a hole–

Where I might find my stuff and a mouse or a mole!

Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted January 7, 2015, updated July 14, 2018

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