Three reasons why I loved you–it could be four or five;

Your patience and your helpfulness, when you were alive,

I knew that I could count on  you to always go along

to grocery stores or visit friends or help me sing a song.

You loved my kids just as if they were your kinfolk too,

My sister’s three called you Uncle Bob; I think they always knew

though not by blood, you always cared with a love that’s true,

My grandkids called you grandpa and loved you through and through.


So, for the love you shared with them, we shared that love together,

They grieved for you when you had passed, and I could not know whether

to tell the truth or tell a lie, when I had gone unfettered

to our favorite place on earth, and scattered ashes there.

Far be it for me to know the path that your soul has taken,

I like to think your soul has gone but somewhere has awakened;

You left behind these traces of you, for which my heart is breaking–

a library and a secret garden, and the  promise you’ll be waiting.

Sandra Lee Smith

For Bob, September 22, 2011

originally posted January, 2015

updated July 14, 2018

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