It’s a yellow duck or tulips or leaves,

that in autumn turn yellow or red;

It’s my mother’s forsythia,

that grew on a bush

in our front yard on Sutter instead

of yellow bananas or lemons or squash

Or real butter that I love so much,

It’s a yellow ribbon tied a round an oak tree,

To give our soldiers a welcome home touch,

It’s a yellow school bus that takes kids to school,

Or the middle light that makes the bus STOP!

It’s a rain  coat and boots that we use to splash,

It’s a yellow canary that just can’t be caught;

It is spongeBob Square Pants, my favorite cartoon,

Or the Beatles Yellow Submarine song,

Its a number two pencil with a brand new eraser,

To erase test answers in case you are wrong;

It’s all of these thing and surely much more,

It’s all of the things that are mellow,

It’s my favorite color in the Crayola box,

To sing the fine praises of yellow!

It’s all of these things

that makes my heart sing,

for I am a jolly good fellow,

And I’m here to say

That it’s a fine day

Anytime you see anything yellow!

Sandra Lee Smith

January, 2015 updated July 14, 2018

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