It came about  one winter day

we thought that we would paint,

I chose some lovely shades of green

that wouldn’t make friends faint;

Out came plastic sheets to cover floors,

down came the pictures on the walls,

to the hardware store for brushes,

in came ladders to avoid some falls,

Then it took more than a day–

I think it took some weeks,

While wintry rain kept everything damp,

and my patience turned dour and bleak;

At long last all the paint was dry

and rooms put back together;

Then the landlord said you’ll have to move–

(so much for winter weather)

We’d done a swell job renovating,

I swear, my ears were bent,

when the owner said well gee,

now we can get a lot more rent!

Sandra Lee Smith

Originally posted January, 2015

updated July 14, 2018


Sandy’s note:  You may have suspected by now that many of my poems

have a thread of truth running through them (thread? Bob would say it was

a freight train)  so yes, this is one of those based on fact, not fiction. sls


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